Why NPM Install Remove Packages?

Does NPM install remove unused packages?

You can use npm-prune to remove extraneous packages.

This command removes “extraneous” packages.

If you’ve disabled package-locks then extraneous modules will not be removed and it’s up to you to run npm prune from time-to-time to remove them..

What is the purpose of NPM install?

NPM helps you install the various modules you need for your web development and not just given you a whole bunch of features you might never need. it is an online repository for the publishing of open-source Node. js projects. Command line utility to install Node.

How do I stop NPM from installing?

You can stop the process on the console like any other process: Ctrl + c .

How do I remove unused NPM packages?

Steps to Remove unused packages from Node.jsFirst, remove the npm packages from packages. … To remove any specific node package run the command npm prune run the npm prune command to remove unused or not required node packages from Node.js.More items…•

How do I find unused NPM packages?

You can use an npm module called depcheck (requires at least version 10 of Node).Install the module: npm install depcheck -g or yarn global add depcheck.Run it and find the unused dependencies: depcheck.