What Are The Types Of Numbered List?

What is a numbered list?

Use a numbered list to display complete sentences or paragraphs in a series (e.g., itemized conclusions, steps in a procedure).

Use a lettered list or bulleted list rather than a numbered list if the items are phrases..

What is the default value of numbered list?

The default start value for numbered lists is at number one (or the letter A).

Which list is a numbered list?

Numbered-list definitions. A list whose items are numbered, with various styles including Arabic numerals and Roman numerals.

How can you make a list for listing items in bullets?

Type* and a space before your text, and Word will make a bulleted list. To complete your list, press Enter until the bullets or numbering switch off.

What are items in a list called?

A list is an ordered collection of values. The values that make up a list are called its elements, or its items. We will use the term element or item to mean the same thing.

How do you specify starting number in a list?

To use the start attribute, set the value to the number you want to start with. Note that even if you are representing your ordered list using letters (a, b, c) or Roman numerals (i, ii, iii), you will still specify the start attribute with a number. For example, the following list will start with the letter “C”.

How can make a numbered list?

Create numbered listsPosition the cursor at the point where you want to start the numbered list.Click the More > Format tab.In the Format tab, click the drop-down arrow next to the Numbered list icon. A list of numbering styles will appear.Click the type of numbering you want to use.

How do you code bullet points?

Unordered Lists (Bullet Point Lists) To begin an unordered list, use the ”

    ” tag. Then, for every item in the list, put your text (or picture) between ”
  • ” and ”
  • “. When you’ve completed every item in your list, close off the list with a ”

” tag.

What is bullet and numbering in computer?

Bullets and Numbering is a paragraph level attribute that applies a bullet character or a numeral to the start of the paragraph. Applying a bullet is straightforward; numbering is a bit more complicated.

How do you start a list?

In-sentence listsUse a colon to introduce the list items only if a complete sentence precedes the list. … Use both opening and closing parentheses on the list item numbers or letters: (a) item, (b) item, etc.Use either regular Arabic numbers or lowercase letters within the parentheses, but use them consistently.More items…

What is List and its types?

There are three list types in HTML: unordered list — used to group a set of related items in no particular order. ordered list — used to group a set of related items in a specific order. description list — used to display name/value pairs such as terms and definitions.

What is a numbered outline?

The most common form of Outline List is Heading Numbering. We often see this in technical, engineering and academic documents. In legal documents, body text paragraphs are frequently outline-numbered. An Outline List is a nested set of nine lists. … There can be multiple lists in a document, or only one.

What is multilevel list?

Multilevel lists allow you to create an outline with multiple levels. In fact, you can turn any bulleted or numbered list into a multilevel list by placing the insertion point at the beginning of a line and pressing the Tab key to change the level for that line.

What is ordered list?

An ordered list typically is a numbered list of items. HTML 3.0 gives you the ability to control the sequence number – to continue where the previous list left off, or to start at a particular number.