Quick Answer: Which Has Weak Stem?

Is Mint a creeper?

Mint is a perennial herb with squared, four-sided stems with opposite leaves and small-lipped flowers.

All parts of the plants are pungent.

Most mint plants spread rampantly, forming a thick mat of spreading stolons (creeping underground stems) just under the surface of the ground..

Why do climbers need support to climb up?

Climbers are those plants that need support to stand erect. It is because their stems are not strong enough to support them. They need support to climb up.

What are weak stems?

Weak Stems: The stems are thin, soft and weak. They cannot stand erect and therefore, require a support. Weak stems can be upright or prostrate. What are the main types of plants on the basis of the stem? Stems stores food, water, and nutrients.

What kind of plants have the strongest stem?

Answer: a tree has the strongest stem.

Do seedlings need darkness?

Attach them to a timer set to 12 hours of light per day. The seedlings will thrive, thinking it’s later in the spring. That being said, plants do need some darkness to grow, so make sure the timer also turns the lights off.

What are the four types of stems?

There are four types of herbaceous stems. These are climbers, bulbs, tubers and runners. Herbaceous stems are thin, soft and green in colour except those that grow underground, like potato and onion stems. They live through only one growing season.

Is tomato a creeper or climber?

It can be grown as an annual plant and it is best known as a climbing plant, although the plant was originally a creeper. Tomatoes belong to the nightshade family or Solanaceae, just like cucumbers, peppers and potatoes.

Which plants are creepers?

10 Best Creeper Plants For Indian Homes And GardensPumpkin. Now as tasty as it is, planting a pumpkin on your garden bed actually makes your ambience look full. … Virginia creeper. This gorgeous plant is perfect to create a beautiful fence along your garden. … Sweet Autumn Clematis. … Bottle Gourd. … Aparajita. … Rakhi be (Passiflora) … Malphigia. … Strawberry.

Does Mint have weak stem?

Keeping the plant full and compact improves its appearance and ensures that the leaves develop the best flavor. Mint tends to spread quickly, which can result in weak stems and a leggy, scraggly mint plant.

How do you fix weak stems?

If it’s stretching, add more soil right up to the first set of leaves to strengthen the stem. If it’s just a weak plant, put a small chop stick (or something equivalent) into the soil as a stake and tie the plant to it.

Why do climbers have weak stem?

Such weak stems in creepers are called prostrate stems. Climbers take the support of an object for climbing. Some climbers simply twine around certain supporting plants in a spiral manner; some of them produce hooks to climb, and some others produce special roots serving as holdfasts to climb.

Which trees have very weak stems?

Answer. Mango , banyan and teak have very weak stem.

How do plants with weak stems get support?

Plants with weak stems like vine grow by taking support from other plants. They grow as climbers on other plants, stones or other supports to get sunlight. Such plants with weak stems can also grow using their tendrils that can attach themselves to the support, by way of clinging roots or by way of twining petioles.

Is Grass a creeper?

Grass is a herb. Explanation: Herbs are small plants which have soft stem.

How do you make stems stronger?

Here are some of the most popular ways to get thicker stems on your plants:Grow Room Fan – If you do not have one already, you should definitely have an oscillating fan in your grow room. … Potassium Silicate – One of the most effective hydroponics supplements for getting thicker stems is potassium silicate.More items…•

Can leggy plants recover?

Hardening off the plants or transplanting them outside may also help with legginess. Most leggy plants become sturdier once they are growing outside. … Some leggy seedlings can be saved with modified transplanting techniques.

Which stem Cannot hold the plant?

Plants with weak stems that cannot stand upright and spread on the ground are called creepers, while those that take support on neighbouring structures and climb up are called climbers ( Fig. 7.4 ).

Is money plant creeper or climber?

The money plant, an evergreen climber, can grow in soil as well as in water.

Is pumpkin a creeper?

Pumpkin is a creeper. It spreads along the ground.

How long do plants live for?

All plants die eventually. But according to researchers at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx, there is no specific lifespan for plants, except for the plants called “annuals,” which are plants that live for one growing season and then die. This is genetic.

What are climbers answer?

Climbers are plants whose stems are weak, so they climb up trees and walls for support to grow. Answer: They are the type of herbs and shrubs which are green in colour. They are categorized as climbers because they need some other tree or plant through which it can climb and rise up.