Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For See?

What is the opposite of listening?

Antonyms for listen disobey, neglect, ignore, disregard, deny, speak, reject, turn away, refuse, dispute, forget, talk, miss..

What is another word for visible?

What is another word for visible?observablenoticeableperceptibleapparentclearevidentobviousplainseeableconspicuous233 more rows

What’s the opposite of see?

What is the opposite of see?disregardignoreoverlookunheedunmindmissforgetdisbelievelook awaybe oblivious to37 more rows

What does glanced mean?

verb (used without object), glanced, glanc·ing. to look quickly or briefly. … to strike a surface or object obliquely, especially so as to bounce off at an angle (often followed by off): The arrow glanced off his shield. to allude briefly to a topic or subject in passing (usually followed by at).

What is another word for glimpse?

SYNONYMS FOR glimpse 5 spot, spy, view, sight, espy.

How do you use the word glimpse?

Glimpse sentence examplesShe got a glimpse of the horse in the trailer. … Kris caught a glimpse of what looked like a shopping mall west of them. … Already, we get a glimpse of what is to come. … Today, when he had caught a glimpse of her, she seemed still more lovely.More items…•

What is the opposite word of talking?

Antonyms for talking Witnessing, hearing, listening.

What is the opposite of lovely?

(of a person) Opposite of very beautiful or attractive. ugly. hideous. unattractive. unbeautiful.

What is the similar word for see?

What is another word for see?viewnoticesightspotdetectdiscernidentifylook atmake outregard76 more rows

What is another word for realize?

Frequently Asked Questions About realize Some common synonyms of realize are conceive, envisage, envision, fancy, imagine, and think.

What means glimpse?

1 : a fleeting view or look caught only a glimpse of the mugger. 2 archaic : glimmer.