Quick Answer: What Is __ E In Salesforce?

What is platform event message in Salesforce?

Platform Events are used to deliver secure, scalable, and customizable notification within Salesforce or external app.

Platform Event is based on Event-Driven Architecture.

This is built in real time integration patterns in the Salesforce Platform which helps to reduce point-to-point integration..

How do I use platform events in Salesforce?

Define a Platform EventFrom Setup, enter Platform Events in the Quick Find box, then select Platform Events.On the Platform Events page, click New Platform Event.Create a Notification platform event with the following settings: Label: Notification. Plural Label: Notifications. Object Name: Notification. … Click Save.

How do you publish an event?

To publish event messages, you create an instance of the event and pass it to the EventBus….Publish Event Messages Using ApexFrom the quick access menu ( ), select Developer Console.Click Debug | Open Execute Anonymous Window.In the new window, replace any contents with the code snippet and then click Execute.

What is API streaming?

Streaming APIs are used to examine data in real-time for users to gather up-to-date information and accurate results through the web. This process begins with a consumer/client opening a socket who then gives certain criteria of data it needs to receive.

What is long polling?

Rather than having to repeat this process multiple times for every client until new data for a given client becomes available, long polling is a technique where the server elects to hold a client’s connection open for as long as possible, delivering a response only after data becomes available or a timeout threshold …

How do I create a streaming channel in Salesforce?

Create a Streaming ChannelLog in to your Developer Edition organization.If you’re using Salesforce Classic, under All Tabs (+), select Streaming Channels. … On the Streaming Channels page, click New to create a streaming channel.Enter /u/notifications/ExampleUserChannel in Streaming Channel Name, and an optional description. … Select Save.

What is platform event in process builder?

Use platform events to connect business processes in Salesforce and external sources through the exchange of real-time event data. Platform events are secure and scalable. Define fields to customize your platform event data.

What is streaming API in Salesforce?

Streaming API is your radar. It lets you define events and push notifications to your client app when the events occur. … Also, Streaming API lets you process business logic in an external system in response to data changes in Salesforce.

What is Salesforce Connect?

Salesforce Connect provides seamless integration of data across system boundaries by letting your users view, search, and modify data that’s stored outside your Salesforce org. … Instead of copying the data into your org, you can use external objects to access the data in real time via web service callouts.

What is platform cache in Salesforce?

Platform Cache is a memory layer that stores Salesforce session and org data for later access. When you use Platform Cache, your applications can run faster because they store reusable data in memory.

What is CometD in Salesforce?

CometD is a scalable HTTP-based event routing bus that uses an AJAX push technology pattern known as Comet. It implements the Bayeux protocol. Long polling, also called Comet programming, allows emulation of an information push from a server to a client.

What is CDC in Salesforce?

Change Data Capture is a streaming product on the Lightning Platform that enables you to efficiently integrate your Salesforce data with external systems. With Change Data Capture, you can receive changes of Salesforce records in real time and synchronize corresponding records in an external data store.

How do I create a PushTopic in Salesforce?

Configuring Push Topics for Salesforce IntegrationSelect either Production or Sandbox depending on which environment your Salesforce organization is in.Click Login with Salesforce. … Go to data > Insert.For Object Type, select PushTopic.Select Single Record.Click Next.For the PushTopic field values enter: … Click Confirm Insert.

What is bulk API in Salesforce?

Bulk API is based on REST principles and is optimized for working with large sets of data. You can use it to insert, update, upsert, or delete many records asynchronously, meaning that you submit a request and come back for the results later. Salesforce processes the request in the background.

What is Salesforce metadata API?

Use Metadata API to retrieve, deploy, create, update or delete customization information, such as custom object definitions and page layouts, for your organization. This API is intended for managing customizations and for building tools that can manage the metadata model, not the data itself.

How does Salesforce to Salesforce work?

Salesforce to Salesforce makes it easy for businesses using Salesforce to share records and get updated data on shared records. For example, you can share lead and opportunity data with partners. Salesforce to Salesforce lets your business partners easily integrate your data with their Salesforce records.

How do I enable change data capture in Salesforce?

Enable External Change Data Capture and TrackingFrom Setup, enter External Data Sources in the Quick Find box, then select External Data Sources.Click Edit, and select Eligible for External Change Data Capture.Click Save.From the External Objects list , select the external object that you want to track.Click Edit, and select Track Data Changes.Click Save.

How do I enable custom platform events in Salesforce?

Define a Custom Platform EventFrom Setup, enter Platform Events in the Quick Find box, then select Platform Events.On the Platform Events page, click New Platform Event.Complete the standard fields, and optionally add a description.For Event Type, select High Volume.Click Save.More items…

How do I subscribe to a platform event in workbench?

1. Go to Queries and select Streaming Push Topics. 2. Enter /event/PlatformEvent__e(Use API Name).

What is event driven architecture in Salesforce?

Salesforce Event Driven Architecture is the new way of implementing business logic by leveraging High Volume Platform Event. The Event Driven Architecture is also called as a publisher/subscriber model where the publishers and the subscribers are not known to each other and can co-exist independently.

What is meant by event driven architecture?

Event-driven architecture is a software architecture and model for application design. With an event-driven system, the capture, communication, processing, and persistence of events are the core structure of the solution. This differs from a traditional request-driven model.