Quick Answer: What Does Proc Mean In Destiny?

How does area damage work in Diablo 3?

It is measured in percent.

With Area Damage, each successful hit made by characters or their pets (regardless of its Proc Coefficient) has a 20% chance to deliver additional damage inflicted to all enemies within 10 yards, not including the initial target..

What does Made in PROC mean?

Made in China, Product of China or sometimes Made in PRC (simplified Chinese: 中国制造; traditional Chinese: 中國製造; pinyin: Zhōngguó zhìzào) is a country of origin label affixed to products manufactured in the People’s Republic of China.

What does Proc mean in lol?

process”Proc” is short for “process.” In game programming this refers to an event that is triggered under particular circumstances. You can think of it synonymous to “activate” or “trigger.” For example, Luden’s Echo procs on any source of damage that deals spell effects.

What does Proc mean in surgery?

PROCAcronymDefinitionPROCProcessPROCProcedurePROCProceeding(s)PROCProcessing11 more rows

How does proc file system work?

/proc file system is a mechanism provided, so that kernel can send information to processes. This is an interface provided to the user, to interact with the kernel and get the required information about processes running on the system. … Most of it is read-only, but some files allow kernel variables to be changed.

What does Proc mean in WoW?

Proc is a common term used primarily in game programming to refer to an event – a “procedure” – triggered under particular circumstances. For example, in WoW, a particular weapon (that hits many times) might have a 10% chance on each hit to apply a special effect, such as poison damage.

What is Proc country?

/proc. People’s Republic of China, the formal name of China.

What is a Proc coefficient?

Proc coefficient is essentially a multiplier of either an item’s effect, trigger chance, duration or any combination of the three. Something with a proc coefficient of 0.5 will have half the effect/chance/duration than something with a coefficient of 1.

What does cat Proc Loadavg mean?

This file provides a look at the load average in regard to both the CPU and IO over time, as well as additional data used by uptime and other commands.

What does Proc stand for?

programmed random occurrenceProc is an acronym for a programmed random occurrence that refers to a weapon, item or ability activating with the “Chance on Hit” or “Chance on Use” effect (an ability or a spell).

What is Proc used for?

The proc file system acts as an interface to internal data structures in the kernel. It can be used to obtain information about the system and to change certain kernel parameters at runtime (sysctl).

What does Proc mean in smite?

Special ProcedureProc Short for “Spec Proc” which is short for Special Procedure… Used in RPG’s to describe a special ability that an item/weapon/armor has. Woot, my weapon proced for an extra 98 damage. I just got this armor with a sweet proc on it.

What is Proc short for in gaming?

1) It stands for “Programmed Random OCcurence”. This term pretty accurately describes the event itself, both its randomness and the fact there is some special effect. 2) Short for Procedure, or Special Procedure.

What does proc chance mean?

Chance on HitProc is a term that refers to a weapon, item or ability activating with the “Chance on Hit” or “Chance on Use” effect (an ability or a spell).

Is proc a word?

Proc is a computer gaming term that rhymes with “dock.” Proc is used as both a noun and a verb to describe whenever a random gaming item activates, or a random gaming event occurs.

What is a proc Ruby?

A Proc object is an encapsulation of a block of code, which can be stored in a local variable, passed to a method or another Proc, and can be called. Proc is an essential concept in Ruby and a core of its functional programming features.

What does Proc mean risk of rain 2?

In Risk of Rain 2, Proc Coefficient is a multiplier on how likely an item is to activate its effect on-hit. You multiply your Proc by the item’s chance to activate. For most abilities, Proc is set at one. If that’s the case, your item has the chance to activate that it says it does.

What does Proc mean in Diablo 3?

percentage chanceProc is a term that refers a skill, item, or other effect that is activated automatically, usually on some percentage chance. An effect such as “2% chance of knockback” could be said to have a 2% chance of proc’ing.

Where does Proc come from?

According to this article from 2006, proc comes from way back in the old MUD (multi-user dungeon) days, although it didn’t get popularized until Everquest. Short for spec_proc (special procedure), which is a bit of code triggered to cover a special case that the default code doesn’t handle.

What is stored in proc?

Proc file system (procfs) is virtual file system created on fly when system boots and is dissolved at time of system shut down. It contains the useful information about the processes that are currently running, it is regarded as control and information centre for kernel.