Quick Answer: What Are The Four Types Of Stem?

What are the 5 types of modified stems?

Terms in this set (5)Rhizomes.

A horizontal shoot that grows just below the surface.


Vertical underground shoots consisting mostly of enlarged bases of leaves that store food.(eg:onion)Stolons.

Horizontal shoots that grow along the surface.



Is Onion a stem?

Answer. Onion is leaf aggregate having a very flat stem and roots are at the bottom. … The bulb of theonion contains both a modifiedstem, in the center, but most of what we eat are layers that are modified underground leaves. Onion basically has both root and stem.

What is a flower stem called?

The stem/stalk of a whole flower is called the peduncle. If the plant has several smaller flowers, each individual stem bearing a flower is called the pedicle.

What is weak stem?

Creepers are plants that have weak stems and can not stand upright. Creepers are also known as prostate or sub-aerial weak stems. They grow by spreading stems and branches on the ground (sometimes water), new plants develop from the nodes of the branches and stems.

What are the types of stem?

Xylem and Phloem conduct water across the plant. Stems stores food, water, and nutrients. Cells of a stem, meristems, produce new living tissues. Underground stem, Aerial stem, and subaerial stem are three different types of Stem.

What are 3 functions of a stem?

The primary functions of the stem are to support the leaves; to conduct water and minerals to the leaves, where they can be converted into usable products by photosynthesis; and to transport these products from the leaves to other parts of the plant, including the roots.

How do humans use plant stems?

Stems are also a good source of making paper, rayon, and cellophane through cellulose, which is obtained from the pulpwood. It is also one of the needed materials in making wood alcohol and acetone. The bark yields, besides fiber many other important products.

What is the difference between stem and root?

Stem shows positively phototropic and negatively geotropic growth. Stem possess nodes and internodes. Branches, leaf, flower bud and bracts are developed from nodes. Root: Root is the part of the plant which lies below the surface of the soil.

What are the characteristics of a stem?

Characteristics of StemStem is the vertically growing axis of the shoot system. … The vertical growth of the stem is maintained by the apical bud.Stem is divisible into nodes and internodes.Leaves are developed on the stem at nodes. … Young stems are green and woody stems are brown in color.More items…•

Which plant stem is sweet and edible?

lotus flowerAnswer. The stem of a lotus flower/plant is sweet and edible.

Is onion stem edible?

The edible part is principally swollen leaves with a touch of the stem. … The red or green stalks are the eatable segment; the leaves are poisonous. The onion, otherwise called the knob onion or normal onion, is a vegetable and is the most generally developed types of the family Allium.

What are 2 types of stems?

Types of Plant Stems There are two main types of stems: woody and herbaceous.

What are the 4 types of stems?

There are four types of herbaceous stems. These are climbers, bulbs, tubers and runners. Herbaceous stems are thin, soft and green in colour except those that grow underground, like potato and onion stems. They live through only one growing season.

What is a stem that we eat?

Edible plant stems are one part of plants that are eaten by humans. … Humans most commonly eat the seeds (e.g. maize, wheat), fruit (e.g. tomato, avocado, banana), flowers (e.g. broccoli), leaves (e.g. lettuce, spinach, and cabbage), roots (e.g. carrots, beets), and stems (e.g. asparagus, ginger) of many plants.

How are stems useful to us?

Stems have four main functions which are: Support for and the elevation of leaves, flowers and fruits. The stems keep the leaves in the light and provide a place for the plant to keep its flowers and fruits. Transport of fluids between the roots and the shoots in the xylem and phloem(see below)