Quick Answer: Could Not Use The Brush Tool Because The Layer Is Locked?

Why is my history brush not working?

Your screen shot does not show your History panel.

In the first column, be sure to select the history state you want to paint back in.

It’s possible that you may have an earlier state chosen that is before you created the layer mask..

Could not use the history brush because the history state lacks a corresponding channel?

You probably just want to use the regular Brush tool (press “b” on your keyboard). The History Brush doesn’t paint colors, but a previous state of your file; you have to select which state in the History panel, so if you don’t, it shows that error.

Could not complete your request because there isn’t enough RAM?

Photoshop How to Solve: Could not complete the Save As command because there is not enough memory (RAM) When you try to access the Performance preferences (Edit > Preferences > Performance), Photoshop displays the error message: An integer between 96 and 8 is required.

What is the Brush tool?

In graphics and image-editing programs, the brush tool is an element of the painting tool that allows you to select a brush shape (square, circle, oval and so on) and also the the thickness in pixels you want to paint on your image with. As you move your cursor over the image it leaves a stroke of color.

How do I edit quick mask mode?

Open an image with an element that you find tricky to select using the other selection tools. Choose Edit > Edit in Quick Mask Mode to enter Quick Mask Mode. The entire image is covered in a red overlay. Click to select the Brush Tool in the Tools palette and start painting with a hard-edged brush preset.

How do I reset my brush tool?

Reset the Brush ToolIn Tool Options, to the far left, click on the down facing triangle next to the tool icon to get a drop down panel.Click on the icon in the upper right corner to get a fly-out menu and choose Reset Tool.More items…

What is history brush?

The History Brush tool allows you to restore parts of an image to an earlier history state by painting over them.

Where is the history panel in Photoshop?

You can then work from that state. You can also use the History panel to delete image states and, in Photoshop, to create a document from a state or snapshot. To display the History panel, choose Window > History, or click the History panel tab.

Can’t use the brush tool because the target layer is hidden?

Why are you getting “Could not use move tool because the target channel is hidden” popup warning? If you get this error while trying to select object with Move Tool [V] it means that have entered “Edit in quick mask mode”. If you are using keyboard shortcut it is that most likely you have accidentally hit [Q].

How do I unlock a locked layer in Photoshop?

Go to the layers palette click on the locked layer and you will see a small window that gives you the option to unlock it and rename it. You know it is unlocked when you look at the layer and don’t see the small lock icon near it on the layers palette.

Why can’t I use the brush tool in Photoshop?

If a tool is not performing the way you expect, try resetting that tool by right-clicking on its’ icon in the Options bar,and choosing “Reset Tool” from the context menu. Also check your foreground/background colors at the bottom of the Toolbox. They should be black/white. Press D to reset it if it isn’t.