Question: What Is The View Resolver In Spring MVC?

Which servlet is used in Spring MVC?

Dispatcher ServletIn Spring-MVC when you write annotation like @Controller, indirectly you are using a Servlet called Dispatcher Servlet.

Dispatcher Servlet is defined in web.

xml file with properties and class name which is mapped to .

jsp pages and Controller part..

What is the default view resolver in Spring MVC?

InternalResourceViewResolver2) The InternalResourceViewResolver is also the default view resolver of DispatcherServlet class, which acts as the front controller in Spring MVC framework.

Which is the front controller class of Spring MVC?

DispatcherServlet classFront Controller – In Spring Web MVC, the DispatcherServlet class works as the front controller. It is responsible to manage the flow of the Spring MVC application.

What is HandlerMapping in Spring MVC?

HandlerMapping is an interface that defines a mapping between requests and handler objects. While Spring MVC framework provides some ready-made implementations, the interface can be implemented by developers to provide customized mapping strategy.

Can we have multiple view resolvers in Spring MVC?

In case you want to use a Multiple View Resolver in a Spring MVC application then priority order can be set using the order property. The following example shows how to use the ResourceBundleViewResolver and the InternalResourceViewResolver in the Spring Web MVC Framework.

Where we can declare Spring MVC controller?

Spring MVC Controller Test Our conventional servlet based Spring MVC application with a simple controller is ready, just export it as the WAR file and deploy on Tomcat or any other servlet container. Then go to URL https://localhost:8080/Spring-Controller/hello and you should see the following screen as output.