Question: Should Aside Be Inside Main?

What does the aside tag do?

The element is used to identify content that is related to the primary content of the webpage, but does not constitute the primary content of the page.

Author information, related links, related content, and advertisements are exampes of content that may be found in an aside element..

How do you make aside float right?

Wrap each column in a container, for example, aside and section (or a div with an id attribute). Float one container (in our case, aside ) either left or right. Set a desired width for the floated element. Add a margin (left or right, matching the floating side) to the fixed element.

Where does main go in HTML?


element can only be used once in each HTML file. It is followed by a closing tag,
, which should be placed at the end of the content. Both tags must be used outside other structural elements such as and its closing tag, and

and its closing tag.

What is NAV used for in HTML?