Is Dib A Real Word?

Is Dib a word?

dib v.

To move in a rapid, cautious manner; especially, with movement like a mouse or rat.

dib n..

Is Mo a Scrabble word?

Yes, mo is in the scrabble dictionary.

What does I call dibs on you mean?

When you call dibs on something, you claim it, especially in advance (before other people can claim it or get to it). To call dibs, you usually actually say (or shout) dibs, especially while mentioning the thing you’re claiming, as in Dibs on the last slice of pizza!

What does the word DIB mean?

1 British. a a dibs plural but singular in construction : the game of jacks. b : a knucklebone or jack used in playing jacks —usually used in plural. 2 dibs plural, slang : money especially in small amounts. 3 dibs plural : claim, reservation, rights —used with onI have dibs on that piece of cake.

Where did the term dibs come from?

The term is derived from an old children’s game called dibstones, which takes its name from the obsolete verb dib, meaning “to dab” or “to pat.” (For our angler friends, in the past, “to dib” also meant “to fish by letting the bait bob and dip lightly.”) Dibstones, or dibs for short, has had many different incarnations …

What does dibs mean in slang?

money especially in small amounts1 slang : money especially in small amounts. 2 : claim, rights I have dibs on that piece of cake.

What is dibs on a girl?

Originally Answered: What does it mean when a guy calls dibs on a girl ? It’s a polite(ish) way of a guy telling his friends “I’m interested in her, and I don’t want to compete with you for her attention.” It has implications of treating women as: Prizes to be won.

How do you use dibs in a sentence?

Dibs sentence examplesI was going to sell it, but if you’re interested, you can have first dibs on it. … If you do this, you can be one of the first shoppers to have first dibs on sale items. … Traditionally, the mother of the bride should get first dibs on color choices, but it’s a good idea to check anyway just to be on the safe side.More items…

Is Zed a Scrabble word?

ZED is a valid scrabble word.

Does dibs stand for something?

Dibs is defined as a slang term for money and a slang term for a claim to something. When you declare that the last piece of pie is yours, this is an example of a situation where you call dibs on the last piece of pie.

What is a DOB?

DOB or Dob often refers to date of birth.

Is DIB in the Scrabble dictionary?

Yes, dib is in the scrabble dictionary.

What is another word for dibs?

In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for dibs, like: claim, pretense, pretension, title, owned and request.

What does first dibs stand for?

‘First dibs’ is an exclamation that is used, primarily by children but also by adults, to establish a claim on something. The first person to call out ‘dibs’ or ‘first dibs’ has the option on the first use or the ownership of the item claimed.