How Does Hana Views Improve Performance?

How do you improve performance in calculating views?

SAP HANA Calculation View Performance TipsTry not to transfer large result sets between HANA DB and client applications (e.g.

Analysis for Office)Always try to do calculation after aggregation (Aggregation removes duplicate results or aggregate them before display)More items…•.

How do I improve my Hana performance?

Always follow – HANA Development PointsUse left outer joins maximum.Specify cardinality in joins (n:1 or 1:1) – only if sure.Set optimize join = true (only if cardinality is set like above)Use table functions instead of scripted calculation views.Execute in SQL-engine (for HANA live)More items…•

Which join is faster in Hana?

From performance point of view, the Left outer join is always faster than Inner join. Inner join is usually slower due to the fact that the join is always executed.

How do I check my Hana view performance?

3 AnswersGet to know planViz and analyze the views using it.Check for performance from the initial nodes itself instead of struggling at the top.Always check for the number of records in the table and structure your view depending on it. … You can as well set cardinality to improve the performance.