How Do You Rename A Variable In SAS Data Step?

How do you edit data in SAS?

Perform the following steps to edit data for a SAS table in the View Data window:Right-click the metadata object for a SAS table.

Enter the appropriate user ID and password, if you are prompted for them.

Click Switch to edit mode on the view data toolbar.

Double-click inside a cell and then change the data in the cell.More items…•.

How do you rename a data set?

If you want to rename different variables in different data sets, you must use the RENAME= data set option. To rename variables before processing begins, you must use a RENAME= data set option on the input data set or data sets.

How do you use keep and rename together in SAS?

Order of ApplicationNext, DROP and KEEP statements are applied, followed by the RENAME statement.Finally, options on output data sets are evaluated left to right within the DATA statement. DROP= and KEEP= options are applied before the RENAME= option.

What is Proc step SAS?

The PROC step consists of a group of SAS statements that call and execute a procedure, usually with a SAS data set as input. Use PROCs to analyze the data in a SAS data set, produce formatted reports or other results, or provide ways to manage SAS files.

What does set mean in SAS?

INTRODUCTION. The function of the SET statement is to process existing SAS data sets as input for a DATA step. With no options specified, the SAS System sequentially reads each observation in the named data sets, one observation at a time, until there are no further observations to process.

How do you drop multiple variables in SAS?

In DATA steps, when you create multiple output data sets, use the DROP= data set option to write different variables to different data sets. The DROP statement applies to all output data sets. In PROC steps, you can use only the DROP= data set option, not the DROP statement.

What is the use of Rename option?

Rename is a term used to describe the process of changing the name of an object. For example, you could rename a file called “12345.txt” on a computer to “book.txt” so it can be identified without having to open and read its contents.

How do I rename a SAS dataset?

The RENAME= data set option in the SET statement renames variables in the input data set. You can use the new names in programming statements for the current DATA step. To rename variables as a file management task, use the DATASETS procedure or access the variables through the SAS windowing interface.

How do you drop a variable in SAS Data step?

The DROP= option tells SAS which variables you want to drop from a data set. If you place the DROP= option on the SET statement, SAS drops the specified variables when it reads the input data set.

How do you delete a label in SAS?

To remove all variable labels in a data set, use the ATTRIB statement and the _ALL_ keyword.

How do you input data into SAS?

dat into SAS, use the following syntax: DATA cars4; INFILE “c:carsdatacars4. dat”; INPUT make $ model $ mpg weight price; RUN; TITLE “cars4 data”; PROC PRINT DATA=cars4(OBS=5); RUN; Here is the output produced by the proc print statement above.

How do you exclude variables in SAS?

In SAS, there are two ways to drop variables:DROP = data set option.DROP statement.

How do I filter in SAS?

To create a filter by using the Filter and Sort window:After you have selected the variables that you want to include in the output table, click the Filter tab.Select a variable from the first drop-down list. … Select an operator from the second drop-down list.Enter a value in the third box or click.More items…•